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Lunch & Learn Upcoming Webinars

Exposure Therapy Pathway for Anxiety Management Presenters: Rosemarie Bonnet and Christine Hewitt Session presented on: November 4, 2014 http://www.caot.ca/CAOT_lunch_learn_detail.asp?pageid=4142&eventsID=145

A Systematic Review For Yoga for State Anxiety: Considerations for Occupational Therapy Presenters: Neha Chugh-Gupta and Dr. Brenda Vrkljan Session presented on: November 18, 2014 http://www.caot.ca/CAOT_lunch_learn_detail.asp?pageid=4142&eventsID=147

Guidelines for the Prescription of a Seated Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter for People with a Traumatic Brain Injury or Spinal Cord Injury Presenters: Sue Lukersmith and Lesley Radbron Session presented on: November 25, 2014 http://www.caot.ca/CAOT_lunch_learn_detail.asp?pageid=4142&eventsID=143

Occupational Transition of Smoking Cessation: More than Just Butting Out Presenter: Kerrie Luck Session presented on: January 13, 2015 http://www.caot.ca/CAOT_lunch_learn_detail.asp?pageid=4142&eventsID=151

Lunch & Learn Archives

Mindful Art Workshop: Principles and Applications of Mindfulness and Art Therapy Presenter: Amee Le Session presented on: June 10, 2014 http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=4282

Goal Setting and Action Planning: Supporting Clients to Self-Manage Presenters: Dr. Tanya Packer and Dr. Joan Versnel Session presented on: April 1, 2014 http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=4274

Wheelchair Set up for Propulsion: Hand and Foot Presenter: Sheila Buck Session presented on: March 11, 2014 http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=4273

How Trauma Impacts Daily Life Presenters: Jocelyn Cowls and Pamela Kjertinge Session presented on: February 25, 2014 http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=4272

The Occupational Therapist’s Role in Smoking Cessation: A Lifestyle Redesign® Approach Presenter: Dr. Myka Winder Session presented on: January 14, 2014 http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=4271

Promoting occupational engagement in clients with chronic pain Presenter: Bonnie Klassen Session presented on: November 12, 2013 http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=4257

Posture and Postural Tendencies: Exploring Implications for Wheelchair Seating Presenter: Thomas Hetzel Session presented on: July 9, 2013 http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=4258

24-Hour Pressure Management: A Functional Perspective Presenter: Jennifer Birt Session presented on: June 18, 2013 http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=4244

Addressing Client Alcohol and Drug Use: Practical Considerations for Occupational Therapists Presenter: Dr. Niki Kiepek Session presented on: May 7, 2013 http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=4243

Demystifying Pharmacology: Understanding the Potential Influence on Occupational Therapy Interventions Presenter: Sharan Lail Session presented on: February 26, 2013 http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=4236

Enabling Occupation for Diabetes Management and Secondary Prevention in Children and Adults Presenter: Dr. Mary Forhan Session presented on: November 13th, 2012 http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=4214

Advocacy 101: Practical strategies on advocacy and the How-to’s to being heard Presenter: Stephanie Phan Session presented on: October 30, 2012 http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=4207

Occupational Therapy Now (OT Now) Articles

Note: CAOT Members can access the full OT Now articles by clicking on the appropriate volume and issue of OT Now from the following webpage: http://www.caot.ca//default.asp?ChangeID=94&pageID=88 The September issue of OT Now is open access, therefore the links for any article published in a September issue are linked below for convenience.

  • Pritchard, S. (2013). Enhancing primary care for persons with spinal cord injuries: The role of occupational therapy on an interdisciplinary team. OT Now, 15(5), 5-6. http://www.caot.ca/otnow/sept13/spinalcord.pdf
  • Liu, L. (2013). 2013 COTF Lunch with a Scholar – Occupational therapy scholarship and information communications technology. OT Now, 15(4), 22-23.
  • Snedden, D. (2012). Trauma-informed practice: An emerging role of occupational therapy. OT Now, 14(6), 26-28.
  • Brown, C. (2012). Pain and occupational therapy: The time is now. OT Now, 14(5), 3-4. http://www.caot.ca/otnow/sept12/painandot.pdf
  • Klinger, L., & Klassen, B. (2012). What does an occupational therapist do for someone living with chronic pain? OT Now, 14(5), 6-7. http://www.caot.ca/otnow/sept12/chronic.pdf
  • Moon, M., McDonald, R., & Van der Dolder, J. (2012). Occupational therapy for pain management in the compensation setting: Context and principles. OT Now, 14(5), 16-18. http://www.caot.ca/otnow/sept12/context.pdf
  • Bissett, D. (2012). Occupational therapy: Contributions to an acute care pain management strategy. OT Now, 14(5), 19-20. http://www.caot.ca/otnow/sept12/acutecare.pdf
  • Stroh-Gingrich, B. (2012). Occupational therapy and mindfulness meditation: An intervention for persistent pain. OT Now, 14(5), 21-22. http://www.caot.ca/otnow/sept12/meditation.pdf
  • Halabi, M.-L. (2012). Putting pain intro perspective. OT Now, 14(5), 23-24. http://www.caot.ca/otnow/sept12/perspective.pdf
  • Antao, L., Ollson, K., To-Miles, F., Bossers, A., Cooper, L., & Shaw, L. (2012). Bridging the gap: Managing work transitions with persons suffering from chronic pain. OT Now, 14(5), 25-27. http://www.caot.ca/otnow/sept12/gap.pdf
  • Klassen, B., & Jasper, L. (2012). Improving coping together. OT Now, 14(5), 28-29. http://www.caot.ca/otnow/sept12/coping.pdf
  • Packer, T. (2011). An occupation-focused approach to self-management. OT Now, 13(5), 3-4. http://www.caot.ca/otnow/sept%2011/selfmanagement.pdf
  • Augustine, H., Roberts, J., & Packer, T. (2011). Everyday participation: Important outcomes for people with chronic conditions. OT Now, 13(5), 8-10. http://www.caot.ca/otnow/sept%2011/everyday.pdf
  • Doble, S., Hutchinson, S., & Warner, G. (2011). Family members as potential support persons: Moving ideas into practice. OT Now, 13(5), 13-15. http://www.caot.ca/otnow/sept%2011/family.pdf
  • Townsend, A. (2011). Working to manage chronic illness in daily life. OT Now, 13(5), 20-22. http://www.caot.ca/otnow/sept%2011/working.pdf
  • Brown, C., Chakavarti, A., Gupta, A., Klassen, B., Kennedy, L., & Craik, J. (2011). CAOT Professional Issue Forum: Pain management and occupational therapy. OT Now, 13(4), 12-13.
  • Evans, C. (2011). Occupational therapy services becoming more integral to the Canadian Forces. OT Now, 13(3), 15.
  • Hutton, M. (2010). Occupational therapists as Clinical Care Managers with Veterans Affairs Canada. OT Now, 12(6), 14.
  • Ostiguy, E. (2010). Effective advocacy: The do’s and don’ts of influencing change. OT Now, 12(3), 26.
  • Hunt, J., Kassam, L., Kerr, G., Percy, T., & Waithman, L. (2010). The Effect of Pain Scale: A tool to assist in evaluation of client reports of pain and disability. OT Now, 12(2), 6-8.
  • Malpage, J., Shih, P.-E., & Klinger, L. (2009). Accessibility is the law: A review of environmental assessments to improve access (Part two). OT Now, 11(3), 11-14.
  • Malpage, J., Shih, P.-E., & Klinger, L. (2009). Accessibility is the law: A review of environmental assessments to improve access (Part one). OT Now, 11(2), 9-12.

Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy (CJOT) Articles

Note: CAOT Members can access the full CJOT articles by clicking “Click here to access the Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy through Sage Publishing” on the following webpage: http://www.caot.ca//default.asp?ChangeID=91&pageID=83

  • Toglia, J., Rodger, S., & Polatajko, H. (2012). Anatomy of cognitive strategies: A therapist’s primer for enabling occupational performance. CJOT, 79, 225-236. doi:10.2182/cjot.2012.79.4.4
  • Giesbrecht, E., Ripat, J., Cooper, J., & Quanbury, A. (2011). Experiences with using a pushrim-activated power-assisted wheelchair for community-based occupations: A qualitative exploration. CJOT, 78, 127-136. doi:10.2182/cjot.2011.78.2.8
  • Forhan, M., Law, M., Vrkljan, B., & Taylor, V. (2010). The experience of participation in everyday occupations for adults with obesity. CJOT, 77, 210-218. doi:10.2182/cjot.2010.77.4.3
  • Vincent, C., Bisson, J., Langlois, E., Voyer, M., & Cantin, J.-F. (2010). Utilisation d’une interface cerveau-ordinateur par un client présentant un traumatisme craniocérébral. CJOT, 77, 101-112. doi:10.2182/cjot.2010.77.2.6
  • Anderson, R., Doble, S., Merritt, B., & Kottorp, A. (2010). Assessment of awareness of disability measures among persons with acquired brain injury. CJOT, 77, 22-29. doi:10.2182/cjot.2010.77.1.4
  • Forhan, M., & Law, M. (2009). An evaluation of a workshop about obesity designed for occupational therapists. CJOT, 76, 342-350. doi:10.1177/000841740907600506
  • Stergiou-Kita, M., Rappolt, S., Kirsh, B., & Shaw, L. (2009). Evaluating work readiness following acquired brain injury: Building a shared understanding. CJOT, 76, 276-284. doi:10.1177/000841740907600406
  • Dawson, D., Gaya, A., Levine, B., Lemsky, C., & Polatajko, H. (2009). Using the Cognitive Orientation to Occupational Performance (CO-OP) with adults with executive dysfunction following traumatic brain injury. CJOT, 76, 115-127. doi:10.1177/000841740907600209

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