Canadian Military Family Services Program (MFSP) Run by the Military Family Services

As you begin working with Canadian Forces military personnel you develop a picture of not just the member’s occupational needs, strength and deficits but, often, the needs of spouse, caregiver, children and even friends and extended family. We all know that the needs of the family (in whatever form) can directly impact on the military member – this is true for all the populations occupational therapists work with.

As you develop your assessment plan pre-first-visit or organize your thoughts as you write your plan forward, we invite you to consider the excellent programs and services offered by the Canadian Military Family Services Program (MFSP) Run by the Military Family Services [], MFS are located across Canada.

The MFSP offers programs and services around

  • Deployment, departures and reunions
  • Children’s deployment support
  • Education and training for family members
  • Assistance locating and re-establishing medical services
  • Self-help groups, short term intervention and crisis support and mental health resources for children and youth
  • Postings for volunteering and community involvement opportunities
  • And so much more …

Go here to find the nearest MFSP to you:

What is your experience with the MFSP?


About HBrownDNDOT

Helen Brown MOT., OT Reg., (Ont.) Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy Coordinator | Coordonnatrice des services d'ergothérapie en réadaptation physique des Forces canadiennes CF H SVCS GP HQ | QG GP SVC S FC National Defence | Défense Nationale
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