OTNow: SnapShot of Occupational Therapy Leadership in Military, Veteran and Family Health

We wanted to highlight a special publication from CAOT’s Occupational Therapy Now journal speaking to military and veteran occupational therapy work in Canada. Enjoy!

VOLUME SEVENTEEN ISSUE FIVE September / October 2015.


Find it here: Occupational therapy leadership in military, Veteran and family health

Authors: Megan Edgelow and Heidi Cramm

“In this special issue, several best practices and service delivery models are shared. Guidelines for trauma-informed care, useful with this population, but also with other groups who have experienced trauma, serve to sensitize therapists to the need for physical and emotional safety as a cornerstone of a therapeutic relationship (Kitchen & Hosegood, p. 24). The role of service providers within Veterans Affairs Canada, and the focus of occupational therapists, is detailed by Card (p. 25). The specific work of occupational therapists with military personnel and Veterans at an OSI clinic, including intervention models, is shared by Beauchesne and Jacques (p. 26). Finally, the unique role of occupational therapists within the Canadian Armed Forces in a rehabilitation program shows the opportunities for holistic work with military personnel (Brown & Marceau-Turgeon, p. 25). These four articles offer concrete examples of occupational therapists as change agents for military personnel and Veterans” (Edgelow & Cramm, 2015, p. 23).


Find it here: Snapshots of occupational therapists as change agents: Military and Veterans

  • Joining forces: Occupational therapists as change agents with military personnel and Veterans using trauma-informed care

Katie Kitchen, O.T. Reg. (MB) and Alana Hosegood, O.T. Reg. (MB), are both occupational therapists from Winnipeg, Manitoba. For more information, contact: kkitchen@hsc.mb.ca

  • Canadian Armed Forces occupational therapy

Helen Brown, OT Reg. (Ont.), is the Canadian Forces national occupational therapy coordinator working for the Canadian Forces Health Services. She may be reached at: Helen.Brown@forces. gc.ca

Mireille Marceau-Turgeon, M.Erg., is a Canadian Forces occupational therapist working out of Canadian Forces Base Valcartier.

  • Occupational therapists working with Veterans Affairs Canada

Patti Card, OT Reg. (NS), is an occupational therapist working as a case manager for Veterans Affairs Canada. She may be reached at: patricia.card@vac-acc.gc.ca

  • From combat to compassion: Enabling change in Veterans

Julie Beauchesne, erg., and Chantal Jacques, erg., work for Veterans Affairs at St-Anne’s Hospital near Montreal, QC. For more information, contact: Julie.Beauchesne@vac-acc.gc.ca

About OTNow: http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=7



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Helen Brown MOT., OT Reg., (Ont.) Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy Coordinator | Coordonnatrice des services d'ergothérapie en réadaptation physique des Forces canadiennes CF H SVCS GP HQ | QG GP SVC S FC National Defence | Défense Nationale
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